Persönlicher Status und Werkzeuge


08.06.2015 Canceled - Dr. Sabine Müller (Universität Tübingen)

Canceled - Thur 02.07.2015 (17.15 h) New date - 15.10.2015 (17.15 h) Dr. Sabine Müller (Universität Tübingen, D) Molecular control of cell shape in Arabidopsis thaliana. SFB924 Kolloquium "Molecular Mechanisms of...[more]

27.07.2015 New papers from Dresselhaus lab.

Maize EMBRYO SAC family peptides interact differentially with pollen tubes and fungal cells. Mayada Woriedh, Rainer Merkl and Thomas Dresselhaus (2015) Journal of Experimental Botany EMBRYO SAC1-4 (ES1-4) peptides belong to...[more]

17.08.2015 New paper from the Poppenberger and Mayer lab.

Brassinosteroids are master regulators of gibberellin biosynthesis in Arabidopsis. Simon J. Unterholzner, Wilfried Rozhon, Michael Papacek, Jennifer Ciomas, Theo Lange, Karl G. Kugler, Klaus F. Mayer, Tobias Sieberer and...[more]

09.09.2015 New paper from the Vlot-Schuster lab.

Ethylene responsive factors in the orchestration of stress responses in monocotyledonous plants. Frontiers in Plant Science Sanjukta Dey and A. Corina Vlot (2015) The APETALA2/Ethylene-Responsive Factor (AP2/ERF) superfamily...[more]

10.09.2015 New paper from the Isono and Braun lab.

Arabidopsis ALIX is required for the endosomal localization of the deubiquitinating enzyme AMSH3.Kamila Kalinowska, Marie-Kristin Nagel, Kaija Goodman, Laura Cuyas, Franziska Anzenberger, Angela Alkofer, Javier Paz-Ares, Pascal...[more]

27.11.2015 New paper from the Dresselhaus, Schwab and Hammes lab.

Amino Acid Export in Developing Arabidopsis Seeds Depends on UmamiT Facilitators. Current Biology    Benedikt Müller, Astrid Fastner, Julia Karmann, Verena Mansch, Thomas Hoffmann, Wilfried Schwab, Marianne...[more]

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