Persönlicher Status und Werkzeuge


10.07.2017 New paper from the Vlot lab.

Monoterpenes support systemic acquired resistance within and between plants. Marlies Riedlmeier, Andrea Ghirardo, Marion Wenig, Claudia Knappe, Kerstin Koch, Elisabeth Georgii, Sanjukta Dey, Jane E. Parker, Joerg-Peter...[more]

21.07.2017 New paper from the Gutjahr and Parniske labs.

Lipid transfer from plants to arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi. Andreas Keymer, Priya Pimprikar, Vera Wewer, Claudia Huber, Mathias Brands, Simone L. Bucerius, Pierre-Marc Delaux, Verena Klingl , Edda von Röpenack-Lahaye, Trevor L....[more]

14.08.2017 New papers from Isono lab.

Arabidopsis SH3P2 is an ubiquitin-binding protein that functions together with ESCRT-I and the deubiquitylating enzyme AMSH3. Marie-Kristin Nagel, Kamila Kalinowska, Karin Vogel, Gregory D. Reynolds, Zhixiang Wu, Franziska...[more]

04.09.2017 New paper from Gietl and Hückelhoven labs.

Involvement of Arabidopsis thaliana endoplasmic reticulum KDEL-tailed cysteine endopeptidase 1 (AtCEP1) in powdery mildew-induced and AtCPR5-controlled cell death. Timo Höwing,  Marcel Dann, Caroline Hoefle, Ralph...[more]

06.09.2017 New paper from Ott lab.

Membrane nanodomains and microdomains in plant–microbe interactions. Thomas Ott (2017). Current Opinion in Plant Biology Volume 40, December 2017, Pages 82–88 During plant–microbe interactions, host cells need to keep...[more]

22.09.2017 New paper from Schwab and Isono labs.

Physical interaction between the strawberry allergen Fra a 1 and an associated partner FaAP: Interaction of Fra a 1 proteins and FaAP. Katrin Franz-Oberdorf, Andreas Langer, Ralf Strasser, Erika Isono, Quirin L. Ranftl, Christian...[more]

06.10.2017 Congrats to Nina and Carina. Their paper on the cross-talk between GA and strigolactone is published now online at The Plant Journal.

Largely additive effects of gibberellin and strigolactone on gene expression in Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings. The Plant Journal Ourania Lantzouni, Carina Klermund, and Claus Schwechheimer The phytohormones gibberellin...[more]

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