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21.03.2018 New paper from Hammes lab.

The long and winding road: transport pathways for amino acids in Arabidopsis seeds. Plant Reproduction Julia Karmann, Benedikt Müller and Ulrich Z. Hammes During their life cycle, plants alternate between a...[more]

27.03.2018 Open Science Hardware Symposium

Morning - Talks - Room O18 (Zeichensaal) There will be coffee and snacks before and in short breaks between the talks! 09:00-10:00Open Science: A Brief OverviewJulia RohrerUniversity of LeipzigMax Planck Institute for Human...[more]

05.04.2018 We are looking for three Ph.D. Students.

Three Ph.D. student positionsPlant molecular biology, development and systems biology Three DFG-funded Ph.D. student positions are available at the Chair of Plant Systems Biology at the Life Sciences campus of the Technische...[more]

30.04.2018 New papers from Gutjahr lab.

The Lotus japonicus acyl-acyl carrier protein thioesterase FatM is required for mycorrhiza formation and lipid accumulation of Rhizophagus irregularis. Mathias Brands, Vera Wewer, Andreas Keymer, Caroline Gutjahr,...[more]

04.05.2018 New paper: Dresselhaus lab publishes work on the maize DiSUMO protein in collaboration with the Schwechheimer and Hammes labs.

DiSUMO-LIKE Interacts with RNA-Binding Proteins and Affects Cell-Cycle Progression during Maize Embryogenesis.Junyi Chen, Kamila Kalinowska, Benedikt Müller, Julia Mergner, Rainer Deutzmann, Claus Schwechheimer, Ulrich Z. Hammes,...[more]

04.05.2018 Schwechheimer and Hammes labs publish joint review on PIN phosphorylation control in Trends in Plant Science.

Activation and Polarity Control of PIN-FORMED Auxin Transporters by Phosphorylation. Trends in Plant Science. Ines C.R. Barbosa, Ulrich Z. Hammes and Claus Schwechheimer Auxin controls almost every aspect of plant...[more]

07.05.2018 New paper from Gutjahr lab.

Cross kingdom lipid transfer in arbuscular mycorrhiza symbiosis and beyond. Andreas Keymer, Caroline Gutjahr (2018) Current Opinion in Plant Biology Arbuscular mycorrhiza (AM) is a widespread symbiosis between most land plants...[more]

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