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New paper from Sprunck lab.

Twice the fun, double the trouble: gamete interactions in flowering plants.

Current Opinion in Plant Biology 53: 106-116. 

Stefanie Sprunck (2020)

During sexual reproduction two gametes of opposite sex unite to produce a zygote. Gamete fusion is a highly controlled process and it has become evident that, across species, common concepts apply to this ancient and fundamental event. Sexual reproduction in flowering plants is even more complex in that two sperm cells fertilize two female reproductive cells (egg and central cell) in a process called double fertilization. Due to the coordinated developmental progression and mutual dependency of the two fertilization products (embryo and endosperm), the success and timing of the two fusion events substantially affects seed set. So far, four proteins are known to act on the surfaces of Arabidopsis gametes to accomplish double fertilization. The molecular and evolutionary characteristics of these players prove that flowering plants integrate plant-specific and widely conserved mechanisms to accomplish the timely fusion of each sperm cell with one female reproductive cell.