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05.03.2020 SFB924 Colloquium: Prof. Dr. Clara Sánchez-Rodríguez, ETH Zürich (CH): "Cell Walls: structural support, protection and signaling for plant survival."

Thur 05.03.2020 (17:15 h) Prof. Dr. Clara Sánchez-Rodríguez (ETH Zürich, CH) Cell walls: structural support, protection and signaling for plant survival. SFB924 Kolloquium "Molecular Mechanisms of Agronomic...[more]

20.02.2020 Canceled: SFB924 Colloquium: Prof. Dr. Thomas Nägele, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (DE): "System Dynamics of Plant acclimation."

Thur 20.02.2020 (17:15 h)  - new: 29.10.2020 Prof. Dr. Thomas Nägele (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, DE) System Dynamics of Plant acclimation. SFB924 Kolloquium "Molecular Mechanisms of Agronomic...[more]

17.02.2020 We are happy to announce that Ourania (Nina) Lantzouni’s second publication is out in The Plant Cell.

GROWTH-REGULATING FACTORS interact with DELLAs and regulate growth in cold stress. Plant Cell. Ourania Lantzouni, Angela Alkofer, Pascal Falter-Braun, and Claus Schwechheimer (2020).    DELLA...[more]

27.01.2020 New papers from Schneitz, Dawid and Weiberg labs.

Ajeet Chaudhary, Xia Chen, Jin Gao, Barbara Lesniewska, Richard Hammerl, Corinna Dawid, and Kay Schneitz (2020). The Arabidopsis receptor kinase STRUBBELIG regulates the response to cellulose...[more]

22.01.2020 SFB 924 Seminar - nicht öffentlich!

SFB 924 Seminar - nicht öffentlich!iGZW-Internationales Getränkewissenschaftliches ZentrumKonferenzraum (3. OG)Gregor-Mendel-Straße 485354 Freising 13:00 h – 14:00 h Buffet 14:00 h – 15:30 h Meeting project leaders /...[more]

07.01.2020 New paper from Sprunck lab.

Twice the fun, double the trouble: gamete interactions in flowering plants.Current Opinion in Plant Biology 53: 106-116.  Stefanie Sprunck (2020)During sexual reproduction two gametes of opposite sex unite to produce a...[more]

21.12.2019 New papers from Dresselhaus lab. New paper from Dresselhaus and Hückelhoven labs.

Thomas Dresselhaus, and Ralph Hückelhoven (2019). Biotic and abiotic stress responses in crop plants. MDPI Open Access Publisher. 252 pages. ISBN 978-3-03897-464-2. Zengxiang...[more]

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