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24.02.2015 New paper from Schneitz lab.

Pattern formation during early floral development. Prasad Vaddepalli, Sebastian Scholz and Kay Schneitz Current Opinion Genetics and Development 2015, 32:16-23 Flowers are central to sexual reproduction in plants. The study...[more]

23.02.2015 New paper from Isono and Braun lab.

FYVE1 is essential for vacuole biogenesis and intracellular trafficking in Arabidopsis thalianaCornelia Kolb, Marie-Kristin Nagel, Kamila Kalinowska, Jörg Hagmann, Mie Ichikawa, Franziska Anzenberger, Angela Alkofer, Masa H....[more]

08.01.2015 New paper from Hückelhoven lab.

The Arabidopsis ROP-activated receptor-like cytoplasmic kinase RLCK VI_A3 is involved in control of basal resistance to powdery mildew and trichome branching. Tina Reiner, Caroline Hoefle, Christina Huesmann, Dalma Ménesi,...[more]

11.11.2014 New papers from Hückelhoven, Mayer and Vlot Labs.

Bacteria-triggered systemic immunity in barley is not a canonical systemic acquired resistance but is associated with WRKY and ETHYLENE RESPONSIVE FACTORs. Plant Physiol. Sanjukta Dey , Marion Wenig, Gregor Langen, Sapna...[more]

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