Persönlicher Status und Werkzeuge


22.08.2018 New paper from Frey lab.

Plant Protection by Benzoxazinoids—Recent Insights into Biosynthesis and Function. Agronomy 2018, 8, 143 Claudiu Niculaes, Aleksej Abramov, Laura Hannemann and Monika Frey (2018) Benzoxazinoids (BXs) are secondary metabolites...[more]

20.08.2018 New papers from Ranf lab.

The multifaceted functions of lipopolysaccharide in plant-bacteria interactions. Biochimie  Alexander Kutschera, Stefanie Ranf (2018) In Gram-negative bacteria, the cell envelope largely consists...[more]

07.08.2018 New paper from Dawid lab.

Functional metabolomics—a useful tool to characterize stress-induced metabolome alterations opening new avenues towards tailoring food crop quality.Agronomy 8(8), 138Corinna Dawid, Karina Hille (2018). The breeding...[more]

10.07.2018 Congratulations to Caroline Gutjahr who was awarded the President’s medal from the Society of Experimental Biology, UK.

Caroline Gutjahr investigates the developmental biology and function of arbuscular mycorrhiza, a symbiosis between plants and beneficial soil fungi, which enhances plant nutrition with mineral nutrients. Using a combination of...[more]

10.07.2018 Congratulations to Chris Schön who received the Bavarian Order of Merit.

Die Agrarwissenschaftlerin Prof. Chris-Carolin Schön ist seit 2007 Leiterin des Lehrstuhls für Pflanzenzüchtung an der TUM. Ministerpräsident Söder würdigte sie als eine zur Spitze der internationalen...[more]

09.07.2018 New paper from Schön and Poppenberger labs.

Assay for abscisic acid 8'-hydroxylase activity of cloned plant cytochrome P450 oxidases in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Anal. Biochem. 553: 24-27 Stella Eggels, Viktoriya Avramova, Chris-Carolin Schön, Brigitte...[more]

06.07.2018 New papers from Hückelhoven/Stam lab.

Good Riddance? Breaking Disease Susceptibility in the Era of New Breeding Technologies. Agronomy 2018, 8(7), 114 Stefan Engelhardt, Remco Stam, Ralph Hückelhoven  Despite a high abundance and diversity of...[more]

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